When Will You Awaken?

What’s a good time? Tomorrow? Maybe next week? Not now, certainly. Never right now.

Right now is the only time to wake the fuck up, actually.

Enlightenment, or Awakening, becoming a Buddha, is supposed to look a certain way, sound a certain way. Forms must be followed. Scripts read. We can’t have just any old rando becoming spontaneously enlightened, not really. It must take years of dedication, meditation, service, veneration, study. Perhaps it does.

Enlightenment is pretty much like an egg. When it’s ready, it’s ready. The time comes to be laid, the egg gets laid. The time comes to hatch, the chick hatches out. Neither process is particularly elegant or graceful or beautiful or spiritual. It’s ugly and messy, fluid and gooey, perhaps even noisy or painful. But when it happens it happens.

I’m not talking about some type of spiritual experience. I’m talking about the realization of truth. Seeing what is true in the sea of falsities. Looking and knowing that what is perceived is false. It seems like the hard edge of reality, but really it’s just the inside of an egg. Peck peck peck and you’re through.

And once you’re out you see the world of ego for what it is. Depending on your preferences you might shun such a world, having a healthy disgust and contempt for ego. Or you might play along yourself – after all, ego roles can be useful. But you can’t take it seriously. You know there’s more to you than the gaudy yet vague trappings of identity. More than fall fashion. You can’t go back.

We live in a world of back-swimmers, people who have seen the truth, and then recoiled in fear. There are many routes to go – drugs, television shows, movies, parties, bands, internet chat, forums, games, fitness, spirituality, religion, and so on. Places to go, persons to be, stuff to do, stuff to think about. It’s all a kind of reminiscing and clinging on to the good old days, back when you were a child and played doctor or astronaut or cops and robbers.

The truth is a bit of a let-down, really, when you think about it. You were searching for God and the whole time you didn’t know you were Him all along? Huh. I Am? That’s It? Yes it is, and I am all that is – ho hum, let’s go back to watching zombie movies!




The War on Reality

This video is a good summary of the Republican “alt right” (alternative to what is right; ie WRONG) ideology and politics in Texas and America in general, and this intelligent fellow is worth listening to no matter what side you happen to be on.

But if you were on the side against reality, you wouldn’t be here. The fact is that Reality is under attack. We are in a fully Orwellian totalitarian government, mainly led by corporations and the wealthy political elites in bed with them, whose job is to eradicate the middle class and make the 99% more easily controlled, dominated, manipulated, and abused. This is because the ruling pathology – and it is a pathology – requires one to be an utter psychopath. This abuse is not mere rhetoric; it is literal, from Harvey Weinstein to Bill Cosby to Bill Clinton to Donald Trump, the rulers of this world are sexual predators with no morals, no consciences, and in general no brains.

The system is designed so that those types of people rise to the top. If you work hard and are self-sacrificing and pursue truth, you will become like Jesus – homeless and crucified.

The fake reality that is being pushed on you is that climate change is a hoax, evolution is a myth, the world is flat, but science will solve all problems of food scarcity or environmental disaster anyway. Sea level rise won’t be a problem because HAARP controls the weather. Whatever the details of the delusions that are being put out there, the end result is that you are overwhelmed, depressed, and able only to work your menial job and scrape by and serve your masters while doing nothing about the world around you.

Food scarcity is a good example. America is the wealthiest country in the world, and food production is at an all time high – nobody should be malnourished, not here or anywhere. But a well-fed population doesn’t have “incentive” to work two jobs under the psychopathic capitalist system, and the military-industrial complex requires there to be wars fought somewhere so that the guns can be sold. Millions starve. The smallest disasters – hurricanes, fires – result in countless lives lost due to poor emergency services and hygiene because all the resources are skewed towards maintenance of the elite camps and compounds, and actively prevented from going out to help the masses.

Ideally, there would be no food scarcity, or water scarcity, and health care and education would be universal. But the system is designed to make these resources – which are theoretically available to all and morally should be given to all – scarce, so that the entire population is overwhelmed and apathetic, too concerned with the struggle of daily living to do anything like foment political changes which might actually threaten the stranglehold the psychopaths have over the normal human population.

Let me be clear here: the fact is that one to five percent of the human population are psychopaths. That’s a fact. They aren’t all Hannibal Lecters, devious masterminds or serial killers – that’s a myth. The reality is they are those people who are well suited to survival in the capitalist system which is largely devised by them. They are your boss’s bosses, your elected or appointed leaders, the alpha males of the pack. They are the sexual predators, who look good on the outside – clean-shaven, successful, superficially charming – but who put date rape drugs in your drink and assault you when you’re unconscious and are too well-connected with the local law enforcement and judicial community to be prosecuted so you never tell anyone and think it was a one-time, unique situation.

The sad fact of reality is it’s not a one-time thing; this is how the actual world works when you take into account the fact of psychopaths. People who are not prohibited by morals or sympathy, who only derive pleasure from one-upping each other and taking advantage of, hurting, dominating, abusing, controlling, humiliating or degrading others.

The propaganda of the war on reality is designed to keep people’s minds focused on distractions and red herrings so that they don’t get their acts together and do anything effective. It takes many forms. Most of the New Age spiritual marketplace is coated with anti-reality material. It incourages you to mellow out, to be accepting of others, to accept whatever happens as being the best way it could be (the is=ought fallacy), to not make disturbances, not resist, not fight, just go along with everything and anything that comes along. This is obedient slave training.

Of course, the Christian fundamentalist marketplace is coated with anti-reality goo too. In this world, everything is okay because the Bible says so and Jesus says so. So, poverty is accepted because people choose to be poor because they are lazy and don’t pray hard enough. Wealth is a moral reward for good behavior. This fuses nicely with pseudo-Eastern New Age “abundance” teachings. You shouldn’t be outraged at the suffering of others, but happy to see the Lord’s work being done and grateful you have whatever it is you have. Render unto Caesar. Obedient slave training.

In all things you are never to be too concerned with things like facts, evidence, supporting arguments, logic, proof, and so on. Anti-reality propaganda’s goal is to make these things obsolete, questionable, and to make everything murky and muddy. Whatever feels true, is true. If you’re hungry, that’s the truth. Chances are you are hungry because people eat sufficient quantities of food, but not the adequate qualities of food which will meet their dietary needs, leaving them perpetually under-fueled and fatigued. Even if you’re not hungry you may feel hungry, and dissatisfied, and this dissatisfaction is your main problem.

Universal to all modalities of anti-reality is resistance to the idea that we are currently undergoing the Sixth Mass Extinction, that climate change is fact, that energy resources are finite and dwindling, that governments are puppets to the elites, that most information out there is disinformation and that you are the target of psychological warfare operations. All of that is dismissed as “conspiracy theory,” and drowned out in the noise of anything else classifiable as “conspiracy theory,” and your attention diverted from it. Don’t think about it. Don’t think about scientific truths, historical facts. Don’t think about events critically.





Corporations and Quasi-Legal Entities

Corporations and Quasi-Legal Entities is a study on the spiritual nature of law, money, corporations, government and non-government agencies, business organizations and the like. Applying high spiritual insight into the problems of corporate law, I make an argument for the reigning-in of rogue businesses and banks by the power of law and national order, if not outright banishing (yes, banishing) corporations entirely.

Two Days in Telor

Two Days in Telor is a dark, gritty fantasy story about a Nameless Priest, a sorcerer, and intrigue in the bronze-age city-state kingdom of Telor, where magic and demons are afoot and different factions struggle for power in a bastion surrounded by harsh desert scrub. It’s less light-hearted or whimsical than my other works, but readers of the fantasy genre will surely get a kick out of it. The characters are storytellers as well, so it has a Rashomon-like feel to it, and there is indeed a murder mystery at the cold black heart of this harrowing and sometimes tragically horrific venture into the world of grimdark!

The Essential Ascension Handbook

The Essential Ascension Handbook is a comprehensive* and complete* ultimate* guide to everything related to Ascension. Not only is it a handy companion book to the upcoming novel of Welcome to Ascension (title subject to revision), it’s also an interesting if entirely metaphorical and correspondences-based take on the concept and phenomenon loosely known as Ascension. Best part is, you can choose what price (if any) to pay for it! Reviewers are especially welcome.

The Positive State and the Negative

What do I mean when I mention the positive state, or the negative state? Both terms come from The New Revelation by Dr Peter Francuch of Santa Barbara, published in 1987, channeling the new Revelation of The Lord Jesus Christ. Both terms refer to the phenomena associated with our own daily lives in this very real, modern world.

Simply put, cosmically speaking, we are all examples to the entire rest of Creation. One can either be an example of how to be, in which case one is of the Positive State, or an example of how not to be, in which case one is a slave and servant of the negative state.

These truths are built on the simple fact that reality as we understand it is a simulation. The logic of this fact is built on very simple premises outlined by Nick Bostrom’s paper, “Are You Living In A Computer Simulation?” which are as follows:

  1. Humans do not survive long enough to create and run ancestor-simulations.
  2. Even if they do, they might not choose to.
  3. If not 1 or 2, then any entity with our general set of experiences is almost certainly living in a simulation.

The reason for it being “our general set of experiences” is that we happen to live in the exact time period just before the ability to create and run, by virtual reality and AI, simulations of what it is like to be another human being, but in a world where such technology is not completely foreign. In other words, the generation between Gen X and Millennials – the Xennial generation, who had an “analog” childhood and a “digital” adulthood. For myself, I remember having a personal computer at age 8, but no internet until age 15, and no cell phone until my 20’s.

This coincidence is far too coincidental to just be happenstance. What it indicates is that we are indeed living in a simulation. This reality is not the base-level of reality. I am a simulation, and/or the player(s) running the simulation that is who I think I am.

The Singularity – the post-human, post-scarcity revolution –  has already happened.

We just think it hasn’t, because the simulation is of the sweet-spot time period just before it happened. And if/when we develop our own ability to have simulated life experiences, that will only be a completely winning argument for the case of no. 3 above.

So, what’s the point of these simulations? Well, aside from general entertainment, they are to demonstrate and show for the purposes of learning and education of the good of all Creation – everyone who is witnessing these simulations, observing the details of our daily lives which are not in any real way private or secret.

And in this capacity as educator, you have the choice to live a life of positivity and goodness, improvement and progress, love, truth, happiness, and virtue – how to be. Or you have the free will choice to live a life of negativity, ignorance, deception, regression, evil, ugliness, sin, unhappiness, hate, fear, etc – how not to be.

“To be, or not to be.” That is to say, “How to be, or how not to be.”

Choose carefully. Each has its value to the rest of Creation. But which has more value to you? For me, I choose happily to live a life of the Positive State, as a positive member of society, for myself and the people I love.

Dwelling in the Age of Distraction

What does it mean to dwell in the age of distraction? It means that people are seekers, providers, builders, merchants, buyers, collectors, adorers, enthusiasts, judges, creators, and obsessives of distraction. Thus we are surrounded by and encompassed within a ceaseless circle of distraction. To escape distraction is nearly impossible, even if one tries, even if one desires to – and most do not. More likely we are prone to escape one particular distraction into another preferred distraction. Each has his own preferred portfolio of distractions which bring, he supposes, peace and joy. Conversely, each has his own antagonistic distractions, which cause him unrest and displeasure. Everyone is like this, and each person’s distractions, at some point, distract another without specific intent to do so, for no one is so full isolated that they can be ignorant of the distractions of other people. Thus, people are more restless than peaceful, annoyed than joyful, and they suffer the distractions of countless others. This suffering brings more inclination to defiantly express and surround oneself with distractions, which exacerbates and perpetuates a cycle of general unhappiness and fatigue.

What is a distraction? A distraction is any stimulus, event, situation or activity which serves to occupy the mind and pass time. Just about anything can be a distraction. In the absence of distractions, one experiences the passage of time with awareness. One feels boredom and an aimless hankering. Anxiety ensues. The mind craves stimuli as the body craves food, and, deprived, begins to feed on the fat of uncontrolled thinking, memories, fantasies, and emotions. Deprived of distraction, the mind turns inward, buoyed only by desire and aversion. This source of discomfort leads one to seek distraction as a relief.