New American Dictatorship

“The truth shall set you free,” says the ancient, timeless wisdom quote. And indeed it shall. To begin with, let’s unpack this statement in the context of the Post-Trump world. First you must recognize that you are not free. You must admit that you are not free. That you are, in fact, a slave. This is a good place to begin.

There are none so deeply enslaved as those who believe they are free. Beliefs, like any thoughts, are the bandages that ego likes to place over the gaping wounds caused by Reality, to make the brain’s condition a more pleasant one. You see, the brain desires pleasant conditions, nothing more. The brain has really no other goal than to feel good. This holds true for all who have a brain, which is, unfortunately, the vast majority of human beings on this planet.

Which is why evil is so successful. “Religion is the opiate of the masses,” says Marx, but if that opiate is not to your liking there are a plethora of other drugs to keep your brain happy and well-fed with good-feeling sensations. Television, Internet, sex, money, politics, food, recreational activities with your body. All of these things suffice to shut the brain up by keeping it in a state of more or less bliss, even when it seems the brain is not in bliss. There is no higher bliss than the unrecognized bliss that is the daily life of struggles and drama, ups and downs that the human brain is occupied with. Indeed the brain is most definitely addicted to bliss.

Thoughts and ideas are also inherently blissful. Many brains enjoy the taste of thoughts and ideas so much that they do not allow the human being a chance or opportunity to do good, to be good, to make a difference, to change things for the better, to create – and most certainly the chance to stop evil.

Sadly, the brain tries to engulf these realizations by admitting, “Sure, I’m a slave, but oh well! Hey, look, a squirrel!”

It’s magnificent, isn’t it? How such a gloriously convoluted and amazing thing as a brain can be reduced to sheer drooling idiocy? Donald Trump’s brain knows this, and it gives his brain a lot of bliss. For while you struggle and toil and work, while the hours of your life are whittled away, while the future of your children and your children’s children and children not yet born is sold, Donald Trump is playing golf. Golf gives him bliss. He’s got a lot of money, you see, and the money gives him bliss, and the power too. The power to kill is the best power of all – knowing that as of this moment, Donald Trump can kill anybody on the planet is the best and most highest bliss that Donald Trump’s brain is aware of.

Other brains are utterly confounded at the ideas just expressed. Surely not! they might say. Surely it’s not that bad. Surely he is not a remorseless, evil psychopath. They will hem and haw, and talk about an election in four years.

Four years! Nobody’s brain will be capable of such things as elections by then, because Donald Trump’s brain has already planned on staying blissful for the rest of it’s existence. Being voted out of office is a no-go, unfortunately for you and I. Psychopathy is a real phenomenon, and nowhere is more real than in American politics at the present time.

But if you, the reader, are thinking that Donald Trump is not an evil psychopath, or that there is nothing extraordinary that must be done, and that things will just naturally solve themselves and everyone can carry on as normal, you are gravely mistaken.

Donald Trump is highly aware of pedogate, and of Hillary Clinton’s involvement with Satanic ritual abuse and murder and child rape. Donald Trump is aware, not just because he is the President and has access to any and all information he desires, but because he has been friends with Hillary and Bill Clinton and John Podesta for years. Is she in prison? Of course not. One hand washes the other.

The systems and rules that ordinary human brains like to imagine protect them and will somehow make everything turn out alright do not apply to Donald Trump, or Hillary Clinton, or any other psychopath. Psychopathy is inherently rule-breaking, and a psychopath will only utilize rules in order to enhance itself at the expense of others. Rules, laws, amendments, constitutions, treaties – none of these things have any meaning to a psychopath.

Work, work, work. This is what slaves do, is it not? What you do is wake up, go to work, and after selling most of your day and energy and attention for a rectangular piece of green paper, you might be able to legitimately enjoy something. A frozen yogurt, perhaps. Netflix. That’s you, that’s your life as a slave in the negative state.

Nobody needs to whip you, or put a collar on you, or beat you. That’s crude. It would be very obvious to you that you were a slave if that happened. Therefore it does not happen. Instead what happens is you play by the rules, while psychopaths change and rewrite the rules to their amusement, to watch you dance, work, play, have sex, suffer, and die.
Donald Trump has never lived the life of a slave. His brain would never accept such a life, but fortunately for him, he has never been faced with the possibility of having such a life anyway. He enjoys the bliss of being the biggest shark in the tank, and the other sharks enjoy the bliss of being who they are. Do the slaves enjoy swimming in the shark tank?

Maybe they do. Look at them with their red caps, shouting “Make America Great Again!” Look at them with their white power hand signals. Look at them with their rising right arms. Look at them, so excited to finally be able to play the bit role of Nazi Cannon Fodder.

Identity is such a valuable commodity that any identity will suffice, for most brains. It doesn’t matter too much what role you choose or where your place in the system is if you’re in the system. If you are a non-psychopath, you’re a slave, and all slaves have the same slave experience with minor variations.

Keep your head down. Obey the police. Go to work. Get a job. Buy a car. Rent a home. Get a credit card. Get in debt. Accept your place in society. Accept that you are nothing. Accept that you aren’t even human. You are a cog in a machine. The machine makes money. There is no god. There is no hope for a future. Wash, rinse, repeat. Feed the beast, have a feast, wake up and do it all over again. Nothing changes. Nothing will ever change for you. Love the one you’re with. Have some children. Go shopping. Have arguments. Have drama. Change romantic partners. Talk about it. Eat meat. Drink shit.

While your brain is thus distracted, the psychopaths quietly erase the truth and prepare for a future of total oblivion.

The psychopath really does not care about the future too much, in the historical or sociological sense. The only future that matters is the blissful brain-states of the psychopath. What gives joy to such brains? That is what they will pursue. Rape, murder, war. Who knows?

Meanwhile, all the slaves are far too busy being saintly to do anything effective. It would be wrong, immoral, crazy, bad, stupid, impractical, crazy, to do anything other than endure the condition of slavery. They have been conditioned through loss-aversion to never, ever bite the hands that feed, even if those hands belong to psychopaths. “Election 2020!” a handful of activist-slaves might say, placing all their faith and all their trust in a system of laws, not knowing that that system of laws has already been bypassed and the psychopaths who are currently on the top have zero intention of stepping down.

The desire to believe that everything is going okay, that everything is functioning normally, is so strong that it will persist no matter how much truth slices and dices. Many – most – in the United States remain in a state of denial. They still believe that everything is okay, fundamentally. They have not comprehended the truth.

The New American Dictatorship has already begun. Events, like the 2016 DNC convention, are quickly fading away, lost to memory and lost in a sea of information. The Comey hearing is a nice example. Comey believes in the system. He is a good slave, but he was a bit too smart to Donald Trump’s liking, so he was ruined. There will be no impeachment. Impeachment is a thing that happens to elected human beings who are playing by the rules. Donald Trump is an unelected psychopath who has been given control of the United States military and intelligence assets, two toys he will never stop playing with regardless of what words happen in “journalism” or “courts” or “elections.”

Words do not matter to Trump.


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