Welcome to Ascension

Welcome to Ascension

First Cycle

Welcome to Ascension: First Cycle is a novella about Guy, who wakes up one day aboard a space station with no memory of his previous life, no clue how he got there, and nobody but an A.I. named Daisy to keep him company. His day job is to scrub metal panel 28-B in Meat Fabricator Hub no. 2, defend the station from space pirates, and save the universe from a horde of demons.

Welcome to Ascension

Second Cycle

Welcome to Ascension: Second Cycle is a novel about Guy, newest crew member in the fleet of Cap’n Timothy Bigbeard and his band of space pirates. Danger stalks the corridors of Ascension Station as the crew is infiltrated by an evil shade. Can a lowly meat fabricator and an A.I. named Daisy survive pirate battles and demonic attacks?


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