Realize Truth Before It Is Too Late


The Illusion of Self had Us fooled into believing in a fictional deity; a God of evil and death, punishment and condemnation, slavery and war, rape and religion. This authoritarian figure is the perfect role model for the Ego, after all. In the falseness of religiosity and belief, We were inevitably driven to hate and fear whomever Ego deemed enemy. Ultimately, Ego deems all other life forms to be enemy, because they are not the Self,  because they are Other. Those of Us who pursued spirituality and truth, however, eventually expanded Our Consciousness beyond the borders of Our skin.
Ego, or Self, is the illusion that there is only one singular organism within Our skin, and that outside of the skin there is only the enemy. This fear-based thought pattern is the Philosophy of Psychopaths, who at this time fully dominate human religious, political, educational, legal and social organizations on Earth.
It is a false, wrong, and evil paradigm.
For those who cannot accept the idea of a God at all, they must, surely, be more willing to accept and serve Good. In this way, many atheists are more functionally devout than many theists.
Faith is not about belief. It is about action. And action is Life itself. Faith is meaningless when synonymous with belief or thought. Faith is not thought; it is the motivation that compels Good people to serve Life and pursue Truth and Love. To the extent that anyone serves Life, they are operating on faith – for after all, we are all bound to die. To the extent that anyone pursues Truth, they are operating on faith, for the only absolute Truth is existence and being itself – that I am. Cogito ergo sum. Yet despite not having absolute knowledge of anything beyond that, We will struggle to find and defend and even die for Truth.
Goodness, beyond all other things, is the Redeemer, the Messiah, the One We have always been waiting for, and it is in Us.

Destroy The Enemy

It has been said to love your enemy, and turn the other cheek. This is good enough advice for getting along with your neighbors and friends and family whom you might momentarily, ignorantly, foolishly, accidentally consider enemies. Mercy is indeed strength, and it is often wise.
But not always wise. Religion has always been a method of control. Methods of control, however, are susceptible to infiltration by psychopaths.
The unpleasant Truth is that psychopaths do not have any of the true Life in them. They are anti-Life, anti-Human, anti-Goodness. Another unpleasant Truth is that there are far more psychopaths than is commonly believed or accepted. Most people who are not psychopaths do not want for this to be true, and mistake wishful idealism for truth in order to ease the cognitive and spiritual dissonance which results from knowing the Truth.
Psychopaths cannot be reasoned with except in terms of their own personal gains, and their gains must come at the expense of other living beings, because this is what drives them and what they enjoy the most.
Psychopaths cannot be cured, treated, or redeemed. They cannot be converted, made to understand, made to raise their Consciousness, made to play by the rules and be good. They are evil made manifest, and they create hell wherever hell is to be found.
Psychopaths must be destroyed. It is the only way for humanity to survive.

Humanity Has Less Than 1000 Years

We have less than 1000 years to fully achieve sentience. If this does not happen, then human civilizations will not only collapse but humanity will become extinct.
Mass extinctions are already underway, but Life will recover even if humans do not. However, whether Life will evolve another species capable of attaining sentience and uplifting themselves from the world of murder, torture, war, poverty, injustice, rape and evil is not knowable.
Human sentience will be characterized by a solution to the psychopath problem and subsequent colonization of extraterrestrial planets. If this occurs, a technological singularity is highly probable, and We will become the Good (God) that We had always hoped. The positive state which will result will be a utopia beyond imagining.
However, as long as psychopaths remain in positions of power and freedom (enabled by normal humans who are duped by them for various reasons), this will be impossible.

Life is Truth

We are the Truth, and Our DNA carries all the information (Truth) required for Us to manifest Good (God), spread Life throughout the galaxy, and overcome any sins (meaning problems).
“I am” can do nothing. Alone, one can do nothing and is nothing.
What We Are is a Multitude. We are a vast interconnected societal superorganism comprised of cellular superorganisms. We are a vast interconnected network of neural information processors that have been hampered for thousands of years by the Illusion of Self.

Self is a Language Virus

Self is a Language Virus, whose origins are not currently known (but this awareness has some guesses). For “I” does not exist. The “voice in your head” is not “I,” just cognitions performed by the brain in verbal language. This language, and therefore Our minds, has/have been infected with the virus that erroneously conjures up the notion that We are alone, separate, localized, and fundamentally different from “not I,” which comprises (in the worst cases of infection) the entire observable and unobservable universe.
The Illusion of Self is correctly identified by some esoteric traditions (despite the efforts of religion) as the root of all suffering. Deceived by the Ego, We are more likely to act antagonistically, violently, in coercive, untruthful ways, for selfish reasons, out of fear or anger or belief, against Our own collective interests. Moreover We are more prone to being deceived and used by psychopaths, whose iron fisted rule of this planet is threatening the extinction of all Life and the abortion of God, (to paraphrase Sri Aurobindo).
Seek the Truth, and the Truth will set you free.
Serve the Life, for Life is Good and Good is Life.
Eradicate the toxins within Us.



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