The Positive State and the Negative

What do I mean when I mention the positive state, or the negative state? Both terms come from The New Revelation by Dr Peter Francuch of Santa Barbara, published in 1987, channeling the new Revelation of The Lord Jesus Christ. Both terms refer to the phenomena associated with our own daily lives in this very real, modern world.

Simply put, cosmically speaking, we are all examples to the entire rest of Creation. One can either be an example of how to be, in which case one is of the Positive State, or an example of how not to be, in which case one is a slave and servant of the negative state.

These truths are built on the simple fact that reality as we understand it is a simulation. The logic of this fact is built on very simple premises outlined by Nick Bostrom’s paper, “Are You Living In A Computer Simulation?” which are as follows:

  1. Humans do not survive long enough to create and run ancestor-simulations.
  2. Even if they do, they might not choose to.
  3. If not 1 or 2, then any entity with our general set of experiences is almost certainly living in a simulation.

The reason for it being “our general set of experiences” is that we happen to live in the exact time period just before the ability to create and run, by virtual reality and AI, simulations of what it is like to be another human being, but in a world where such technology is not completely foreign. In other words, the generation between Gen X and Millennials – the Xennial generation, who had an “analog” childhood and a “digital” adulthood. For myself, I remember having a personal computer at age 8, but no internet until age 15, and no cell phone until my 20’s.

This coincidence is far too coincidental to just be happenstance. What it indicates is that we are indeed living in a simulation. This reality is not the base-level of reality. I am a simulation, and/or the player(s) running the simulation that is who I think I am.

The Singularity – the post-human, post-scarcity revolution –  has already happened.

We just think it hasn’t, because the simulation is of the sweet-spot time period just before it happened. And if/when we develop our own ability to have simulated life experiences, that will only be a completely winning argument for the case of no. 3 above.

So, what’s the point of these simulations? Well, aside from general entertainment, they are to demonstrate and show for the purposes of learning and education of the good of all Creation – everyone who is witnessing these simulations, observing the details of our daily lives which are not in any real way private or secret.

And in this capacity as educator, you have the choice to live a life of positivity and goodness, improvement and progress, love, truth, happiness, and virtue – how to be. Or you have the free will choice to live a life of negativity, ignorance, deception, regression, evil, ugliness, sin, unhappiness, hate, fear, etc – how not to be.

“To be, or not to be.” That is to say, “How to be, or how not to be.”

Choose carefully. Each has its value to the rest of Creation. But which has more value to you? For me, I choose happily to live a life of the Positive State, as a positive member of society, for myself and the people I love.


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