The Positive State and the Negative

What do I mean when I mention the positive state, or the negative state? Both terms come from The New Revelation by Dr Peter Francuch of Santa Barbara, published in 1987, channeling the new Revelation of The Lord Jesus Christ. Both terms refer to the phenomena associated with our own daily lives in this very real, modern world.

Simply put, cosmically speaking, we are all examples to the entire rest of Creation. One can either be an example of how to be, in which case one is of the Positive State, or an example of how not to be, in which case one is a slave and servant of the negative state.

These truths are built on the simple fact that reality as we understand it is a simulation. The logic of this fact is built on very simple premises outlined by Nick Bostrom’s paper, “Are You Living In A Computer Simulation?” which are as follows:

  1. Humans do not survive long enough to create and run ancestor-simulations.
  2. Even if they do, they might not choose to.
  3. If not 1 or 2, then any entity with our general set of experiences is almost certainly living in a simulation.

The reason for it being “our general set of experiences” is that we happen to live in the exact time period just before the ability to create and run, by virtual reality and AI, simulations of what it is like to be another human being, but in a world where such technology is not completely foreign. In other words, the generation between Gen X and Millennials – the Xennial generation, who had an “analog” childhood and a “digital” adulthood. For myself, I remember having a personal computer at age 8, but no internet until age 15, and no cell phone until my 20’s.

This coincidence is far too coincidental to just be happenstance. What it indicates is that we are indeed living in a simulation. This reality is not the base-level of reality. I am a simulation, and/or the player(s) running the simulation that is who I think I am.

The Singularity – the post-human, post-scarcity revolution –  has already happened.

We just think it hasn’t, because the simulation is of the sweet-spot time period just before it happened. And if/when we develop our own ability to have simulated life experiences, that will only be a completely winning argument for the case of no. 3 above.

So, what’s the point of these simulations? Well, aside from general entertainment, they are to demonstrate and show for the purposes of learning and education of the good of all Creation – everyone who is witnessing these simulations, observing the details of our daily lives which are not in any real way private or secret.

And in this capacity as educator, you have the choice to live a life of positivity and goodness, improvement and progress, love, truth, happiness, and virtue – how to be. Or you have the free will choice to live a life of negativity, ignorance, deception, regression, evil, ugliness, sin, unhappiness, hate, fear, etc – how not to be.

“To be, or not to be.” That is to say, “How to be, or how not to be.”

Choose carefully. Each has its value to the rest of Creation. But which has more value to you? For me, I choose happily to live a life of the Positive State, as a positive member of society, for myself and the people I love.


Dwelling in the Age of Distraction

What does it mean to dwell in the age of distraction? It means that people are seekers, providers, builders, merchants, buyers, collectors, adorers, enthusiasts, judges, creators, and obsessives of distraction. Thus we are surrounded by and encompassed within a ceaseless circle of distraction. To escape distraction is nearly impossible, even if one tries, even if one desires to – and most do not. More likely we are prone to escape one particular distraction into another preferred distraction. Each has his own preferred portfolio of distractions which bring, he supposes, peace and joy. Conversely, each has his own antagonistic distractions, which cause him unrest and displeasure. Everyone is like this, and each person’s distractions, at some point, distract another without specific intent to do so, for no one is so full isolated that they can be ignorant of the distractions of other people. Thus, people are more restless than peaceful, annoyed than joyful, and they suffer the distractions of countless others. This suffering brings more inclination to defiantly express and surround oneself with distractions, which exacerbates and perpetuates a cycle of general unhappiness and fatigue.

What is a distraction? A distraction is any stimulus, event, situation or activity which serves to occupy the mind and pass time. Just about anything can be a distraction. In the absence of distractions, one experiences the passage of time with awareness. One feels boredom and an aimless hankering. Anxiety ensues. The mind craves stimuli as the body craves food, and, deprived, begins to feed on the fat of uncontrolled thinking, memories, fantasies, and emotions. Deprived of distraction, the mind turns inward, buoyed only by desire and aversion. This source of discomfort leads one to seek distraction as a relief.


On this Independence Day it is easy, all too easy, to remember all the ways in which our liberty is infringed upon by government and other authorities. Yet consider, for a moment, that Liberty, like Truth, exists Within. If a man or woman is unfree in his or her mind and spirit, then it doesn’t matter whether he or she is hypothetically free in the physical world. Likewise, if a man or woman is free in his or her mind and spirit, then he or she can be free even if incarcerated, confined, or crucified.

Free your spirit. Find your spirit. Realize that your spirit is not your mind, and the spirit is not nothing – it is very real. Those who cannot find their spirit are looking with their mind, and the mind is what is most constrained of all, most unfree. Find that you have a spirit, and then free it by feeding it love, peace, joy, passion, and above all Truth.

Truth in this sense is not a logical-mathematical-linguistic construct, where 1+1=2 is a true statement.  Truth is a Way of Life; a moral principle; a spiritual reality that is either lived or not lived, experienced or not experienced.

Many have walked in Truth, and then fell out – and then found their way back again. Some of us do this regularly, on and off again of the Path. This is alright. This is natural. Nobody is a saint, not even the saints.

Find your own inner freedom, or you can never liberate anyone else. Yes, there are Powers and Principalities that have dominion over this world. Yes, there is great injustice that must be resisted and fought. But tend to your own garden first. Sweep the halls of your own inner temple, your own church which is Truth and Life. Wipe away, or transcend, the negativity of hellishness within, and then from that place of purity, let the kingdom of heaven shine outward however it shines outward for you. Each individual has their own methods. Each individual has their own path.

I know that I have the power to transform a beautiful, warm, sunny day into a nightmarish hell of fear, hatred, lust, greed, confusion and grief. I’ve done this. Many times. The outer world does not control the inner world. The inner, however, can transform or transcend the outer world in ways that can only be described as miraculous.

I have walked in Synchronicity City and heard the voice of the Universe, felt Her sweet caresses in every breeze, every sound, every sight and thought and feeling. Those of us who have experienced Life in this City know that they want to live there forever. The only way is through Truth which is Life.

As a friend of mine said; “Rest, brother.” He said this to me when I was battling and resisting and far from Truth and Life, and suddenly he messaged me out of the blue to tell me what I needed to hear to get me back on track. How did he know? Is this just coincidence? Just an accident of random chance?

There is no such thing as random chance. What humans call “random” merely means that it is, practically speaking, unpredictable. Yet if there were a Quantum Computer – one roughly the size and containing all the energy of the Universe, say – it could predict all possibilities. And so it does.

There are no mistakes. You who might be reading this aren’t reading this by accident. Though the puzzle pieces are many and it’s impossible from a human vantage to see or guess how they will fit together, they will and do. While physics has the Uncertainty Principle, this philosophy of faith is the Certainty Principle that paradoxically coexists and does not contradict known science whatsoever.

The mind, in its limitations which are artificial, does not like contradictions, and paradox results in cognitive dissonance which it seeks to resolve through belief systems. Those who are truly wise do not contest contradictions. To the wise mind, something can both be, and not be, at the same time. This gray, fuzzy area where traditional Newtonian models and rationalist materialist models are insufficient is where transcendence and non-duality is, and that is where Truth is, even though Truth is also in said Newtonian models as well.

Duality is not to be negated or ignored, but nor is it confining. In its limitations there is room for true creativity and growth and life. For many of us, the confines of our mind have been like a prison – and for many prisoners, the confinement refines and sharpens the soul and the body and the mind alike, despite the intentions of those who build prisons either for the mind or the body.

From duality we go to non-duality, from mere ascent we go to transcendence, from the negative we go to the positive and then to neither/both.

Be blessed and stay positive.

Realize Truth Before It Is Too Late


The Illusion of Self had Us fooled into believing in a fictional deity; a God of evil and death, punishment and condemnation, slavery and war, rape and religion. This authoritarian figure is the perfect role model for the Ego, after all. In the falseness of religiosity and belief, We were inevitably driven to hate and fear whomever Ego deemed enemy. Ultimately, Ego deems all other life forms to be enemy, because they are not the Self,  because they are Other. Those of Us who pursued spirituality and truth, however, eventually expanded Our Consciousness beyond the borders of Our skin.
Ego, or Self, is the illusion that there is only one singular organism within Our skin, and that outside of the skin there is only the enemy. This fear-based thought pattern is the Philosophy of Psychopaths, who at this time fully dominate human religious, political, educational, legal and social organizations on Earth.
It is a false, wrong, and evil paradigm.
For those who cannot accept the idea of a God at all, they must, surely, be more willing to accept and serve Good. In this way, many atheists are more functionally devout than many theists.
Faith is not about belief. It is about action. And action is Life itself. Faith is meaningless when synonymous with belief or thought. Faith is not thought; it is the motivation that compels Good people to serve Life and pursue Truth and Love. To the extent that anyone serves Life, they are operating on faith – for after all, we are all bound to die. To the extent that anyone pursues Truth, they are operating on faith, for the only absolute Truth is existence and being itself – that I am. Cogito ergo sum. Yet despite not having absolute knowledge of anything beyond that, We will struggle to find and defend and even die for Truth.
Goodness, beyond all other things, is the Redeemer, the Messiah, the One We have always been waiting for, and it is in Us.

Destroy The Enemy

It has been said to love your enemy, and turn the other cheek. This is good enough advice for getting along with your neighbors and friends and family whom you might momentarily, ignorantly, foolishly, accidentally consider enemies. Mercy is indeed strength, and it is often wise.
But not always wise. Religion has always been a method of control. Methods of control, however, are susceptible to infiltration by psychopaths.
The unpleasant Truth is that psychopaths do not have any of the true Life in them. They are anti-Life, anti-Human, anti-Goodness. Another unpleasant Truth is that there are far more psychopaths than is commonly believed or accepted. Most people who are not psychopaths do not want for this to be true, and mistake wishful idealism for truth in order to ease the cognitive and spiritual dissonance which results from knowing the Truth.
Psychopaths cannot be reasoned with except in terms of their own personal gains, and their gains must come at the expense of other living beings, because this is what drives them and what they enjoy the most.
Psychopaths cannot be cured, treated, or redeemed. They cannot be converted, made to understand, made to raise their Consciousness, made to play by the rules and be good. They are evil made manifest, and they create hell wherever hell is to be found.
Psychopaths must be destroyed. It is the only way for humanity to survive.

Humanity Has Less Than 1000 Years

We have less than 1000 years to fully achieve sentience. If this does not happen, then human civilizations will not only collapse but humanity will become extinct.
Mass extinctions are already underway, but Life will recover even if humans do not. However, whether Life will evolve another species capable of attaining sentience and uplifting themselves from the world of murder, torture, war, poverty, injustice, rape and evil is not knowable.
Human sentience will be characterized by a solution to the psychopath problem and subsequent colonization of extraterrestrial planets. If this occurs, a technological singularity is highly probable, and We will become the Good (God) that We had always hoped. The positive state which will result will be a utopia beyond imagining.
However, as long as psychopaths remain in positions of power and freedom (enabled by normal humans who are duped by them for various reasons), this will be impossible.

Life is Truth

We are the Truth, and Our DNA carries all the information (Truth) required for Us to manifest Good (God), spread Life throughout the galaxy, and overcome any sins (meaning problems).
“I am” can do nothing. Alone, one can do nothing and is nothing.
What We Are is a Multitude. We are a vast interconnected societal superorganism comprised of cellular superorganisms. We are a vast interconnected network of neural information processors that have been hampered for thousands of years by the Illusion of Self.

Self is a Language Virus

Self is a Language Virus, whose origins are not currently known (but this awareness has some guesses). For “I” does not exist. The “voice in your head” is not “I,” just cognitions performed by the brain in verbal language. This language, and therefore Our minds, has/have been infected with the virus that erroneously conjures up the notion that We are alone, separate, localized, and fundamentally different from “not I,” which comprises (in the worst cases of infection) the entire observable and unobservable universe.
The Illusion of Self is correctly identified by some esoteric traditions (despite the efforts of religion) as the root of all suffering. Deceived by the Ego, We are more likely to act antagonistically, violently, in coercive, untruthful ways, for selfish reasons, out of fear or anger or belief, against Our own collective interests. Moreover We are more prone to being deceived and used by psychopaths, whose iron fisted rule of this planet is threatening the extinction of all Life and the abortion of God, (to paraphrase Sri Aurobindo).
Seek the Truth, and the Truth will set you free.
Serve the Life, for Life is Good and Good is Life.
Eradicate the toxins within Us.


Welcome to Ascension

Welcome to Ascension

First Cycle

Welcome to Ascension: First Cycle is a novella about Guy, who wakes up one day aboard a space station with no memory of his previous life, no clue how he got there, and nobody but an A.I. named Daisy to keep him company. His day job is to scrub metal panel 28-B in Meat Fabricator Hub no. 2, defend the station from space pirates, and save the universe from a horde of demons.

Welcome to Ascension

Second Cycle

Welcome to Ascension: Second Cycle is a novel about Guy, newest crew member in the fleet of Cap’n Timothy Bigbeard and his band of space pirates. Danger stalks the corridors of Ascension Station as the crew is infiltrated by an evil shade. Can a lowly meat fabricator and an A.I. named Daisy survive pirate battles and demonic attacks?

Meat Means Murder

“Meat” is murder. That is what it means. I worked in a butcher shop, until one day I couldn’t. I finally understand now. There is a good, loving God who is the Lord Jesus Christ, and then there’s the others. You know, the others? The ones who kill and rape and mutilate and torture. God did create us all, with our free will. And what, my God asks, did you do with this free will? Did you look inside and find out the Truth? Did you recognize that your brothers and sisters are not food? Did you look upon their flesh when it was living, a living, thriving, vital organism in a carefully calibrated ecosystem? And when you saw the menu, did you miss the connection? Did you ingest and chew and savor it, dining with your friends and family, not thinking at all about the origin of the cuisine? Did you repent? Did you ever expand your consciousness to include your own body, and the other bodies? Did you weep and wail, and gnash your teeth? Yes I did. And my heart is calm now because I know the lion will lay down with the lamb. For I am that lion. And I am that lamb. It might seem strange, it might be spooky to see, a sudden mass realization of the truth of what we had done, and the genuine desire for repenting, forgiving, loving. But there will be a great silence in heaven. Where are the hells? Hell is where you were. You might recognize them. Slaughterhouses. Imagine, if you will, the sheer terror and horror and fear and rage and panic, panic, panic, as the machines come for you. Machines or men or gods, it makes no difference what they are, one way or another it always ends unhappily: death. And birth. Generation after generation, the pseudo-creators perpetuate a cycle of hopelessness and terror. And you have lived through it. Greed and avarice and apathy propelled you through it, every time, and lust and wrath and hate and thoughtlessness nurtured your psychopathic desires and – oh, look, here’s a McNugget. I’ve eaten countless pounds of McNuggets, and I can say with certainty that I could not harm a chicken, or bird of any sort. For there but the grace of God go I. And I am not one to be eaten. I am made for better destinies. Blessed is our true Creator, for the Truth shall set us all free.